About us

Everything began back in 2002.

I was finishing my studies in Lyon, France, and decided to spend my last year at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. Thus, in the early days of September, my parents Cecile and Alain, helped me move from my hometown in the Ardennes to Valencia.

During this incredible year I met Silvia, and together we started a journey that led us through different parts of France. The time we spent in Burgundy and Montpellier marked us forever; we developed an increasing passion for wine.

In 2016 while living in the charming little village of Cournonterral a few miles from Montpellier, the idea of a career in wine production started germinating in my mind.

One autumn day when we were visiting my father- and mother-in-law Roberto and Fina, we made the decision to leave our jobs as a math teacher and works engineer in France, to take over the family farm and begin our new life as wine producers.

At the start of 2017 we refurbished the old family cellar, and in September of the same year we began production of our first cuvée.

The history of our winery

The ageing cellar was built in the early 20th century by Silvia’s great grandfather, DionIsio, and was used for several decades until the creation of the wine cooperative of Los Pedrones.

The cellar was later used as a shed to store machinery and at certain times of year to dry almonds produced on the farm. This was the case until early 2017, when our refurbishment works then gave a second life to the building.

Together with the architectural company CRUX, we envisioned a new version of the cellar, and their work rendered it outstanding. They designed a central area with access to three levels of the building, providing us with the most efficient use of space.

The cellar is also equipped with a central lift that allows us to use gravity for smooth and delicate racking operations without the need for pumping.

To retain its visual beauty we have preserved as much of the old cellar as possible, whilst incorporating the newer materials required to meet sanitary regulations. The result is a building where modernity and tradition coexist harmoniously, to give a pleasant atmosphere filled with history.

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